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"Check my usage" is intended to provide HughesNet subscribers with an approximation of their online download and upload usage data and Fair Access Policy information. Please note that certain software applications will take advantage of an 'Always On' connection, and this activity may result in additional usage data even when you are not active at your HughesNet-enabled PC. The information provided on this site is for reference only. Actual usage may vary.

'Check my usage' provides the following information:

Typically the number of Megabytes transmitted is much smaller than the number of Megabytes received. When you select a link or type in a URL (ex:, the information you send is very small to request that Web page. The content that you receive when that Web page appears includes a large amount of information such as text, graphics, animation, etc. However, when you send emails with large attachments, or perform other types of bulk upload activities, the transmit usage may be much greater.

Even when you are not using the HughesNet system, you may see very small amounts of usage. This is normal, and represents signals from the HughesNet system to the Network Operations Center indicating that it is operating properly. A typical transmit usage value when the HughesNet system is not being used could be 0.02 to 0.10 MB.

When your transmit usage is very high (say 20 MB per hour or more) and continuous over many hours or days even when you are not using your system, it is strongly recommended that each of your PCs connected to the HughesNet system be checked for a virus or worm. A worm typically causes a PC connected to the Internet to transmit 'useless' information continuously. When this happens, the performance of your HughesNet system will be degraded and may be completely disrupted. To restore the integrity of your system and the performance of your HughesNet service, please follow these instructions to identify and remove harmful viruses and worms.

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