Changes to the Fair Access Policy

HughesNet™ is increasing the download threshold for Home, Pro and ProPlus service plans. Download threshold is the amount of data that may be downloaded during a typical day before the Fair Access Policy may restrict the download speed. In addition, HughesNet is changing the recovery rate system.



Current Threshold

NEW Threshold


175 MB

200 MB


350 MB

375 MB


400 MB

425 MB

     Small Office

500 MB

500 MB

     Business Internet

1250 MB

1250 MB

Now you can enjoy more downloads, such as music files, photos, and software updates!

The small percentage of subscribers who exceed the download threshold will experience reduced download speeds for approximately 24 hours. During this recovery period, subscribers will still be able to use the HughesNet service, but their speeds will be slower.
For example, viewing email and web surfing will be significantly slower than your normal experience. HughesNet subscribers who exceed their download threshold should minimize their bandwidth-intensive downloads in order to have their full download speeds restored.

The increase to the download threshold, as well as changes to the recovery rate system, will be implemented automatically over the next few weeks. No customer action is required.




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