Networking made easy

If you have more than one computer in your household, you have probably wished at some point that you could access the Internet from a computer other than the one connected to HughesNet. Networking makes it possible to share your HughesNet Internet access with every computer in your house. The kids won’t have to fight about whose turn it is to get online and you can work comfortably from your office while they chat and surf in their bedrooms.

On this page, you will find helpful information about sharing your HughesNet connection using a network. Your network setup and configuration will depend upon which HughesNet service plan you are subscribed to.

DW6000/DW7000 with Home or Professional Service without IP Address - The DW6000/DW7000 is self-hosted, which means there is no software to load on you computer and therefore, no "host" computer. The DW6000/DW7000 also eliminates the need to use ICS to share Internet access with other computers. Every computer on your network can communicate directly with the DW6000/DW7000 and access the internet using inexpensive networking technology.

DW6000/DW7000 with Professional Service with IP Address - If you have a Static IP address, you will need a router to set up your network.

DW4000/DW3000 - It is possible to share a HughesNet Two-way or One-way connection using Microsoft ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). ICS enables the host computer (the one connected to HughesNet) to serve as your router to connect additional computers (clients) to the Internet. Therefore, the host computer must be powered on in order for the client computers to access the Internet.

HughesNet is not responsible for network support or management. For troubleshooting and support concerning your local area network, please contact the manufacturer of your networking equipment.

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