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  Great news for our HN9000/SPACEWAY customers! We’ve enhanced the Download Zone associated with your service plan so that it now works on YOUR local time, rather than our (Eastern) time. With this update, you no longer need to remember, convert, or schedule based on another time zone. All you need to do is remember that your Download Zone is from 2am-7am in your local time zone.
  HughesNet® Gen4 – the next generation of high-speed satellite Internet gives you faster speeds and greater download capacity so you can enjoy more of what you love to do online. Watch videos. Download music. Share photos. Shop, learn, chat, browse, and so much more! To be among the first to enjoy our new, faster service, pre-order your upgrade to HughesNet Gen4 today by contacting HughesNet Support at 1-866-347-3292. Or to learn more about HughesNet Gen4, visit
 Status Meter Updated to work with new version of Adobe Air - A new version of the HughesNet Status Meter has been released. Unfortunately, it is possible that your client may not be able to auto-update. To update manually, you can visit the Service Tools page and click the "Install Now" button to update your client.
  Hughes.Net email users should be aware of a new email policy which will limit email address creation to 5 Hughes.Net addresses in a 30 day period (for all standard consumer service plans). Once the email limitation is reached, the user will not be able to create additional Hughes.Net email addresses for 30 days.
  New webmail access page! If you access your email through, you will be redirected to login through Learn more....
  Have you seen the new homepage?
What you love about the Internet, all in one place. Your e-mail, news, weather, Google™ Web search, and so much more; all on one easy to use page. Try out today; a better Internet experience! Please note, if you had previously bookmarked, please bookmark it again in order to update your browser settings.

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