Diagnostics - Satellite Receiver Test

The DIRECWAY satellite receiver must be able to acquire and lock to a signal received from the satellite. The signal strength is monitored by the built-in diagnostic program and can be viewed from either the antenna pointing program or the DIRECWAY Navigator status dialog. If your signal strength drops below a minimum operational value, the built-in diagnostic program will automatically alert you. A signal level above 30 is sufficient for your system to operate normally. However, a signal level in the lows 30's typically only occurs during severe weather conditions. As weather conditions improve, so will your signal strength.

The Satellite Signal Strength diagnostic test verifies that an adequate satellite signal is present. Without adequate satellite signal strength, you are unable to utilize the satellite receiver adapter for high-speed data transfer.

The following are some potential conditions that can lead to a low or inadequate signal strength:

The satellite receiver diagnostic test can discover the following receiver conditions: