Diagnostics - Internet Access (Domain Name Resolution) Test

The Internet Access (Domain Name Resolution) diagnostic test verifies that your Domain Name Service (DNS) settings are correct and optimized. When a domain name is entered in your web browser or other Internet application, a domain name server translates the domain name to a numeric IP address. For example, if www.direcway.com is entered in your web browser, the domain name server translates this domain name to a numeric IP address of Multiple DNS servers may be configured to help ensure that a domain name will be translated.

The Internet Access (Domain Name Resolution) diagnostic test performs a domain name lookup for a common well know address such as www.direcway.com The diagnostic test can discover the following problems:

Unable to resolve domain name

The domain name resolution of a well-known domain name such as www.direcway.com was not successful. A common cause of this problem is an incorrect DNS server address configured in your Windows Networking settings. The desired DNS server address is your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) DNS server. Please contact your ISP for the appropriate DNS server address. If the DNS settings have been changed for your DIRECWAY adapter please run the  websetup utility from the DIRECWAY folder on the start menu (Start>Programs>Direcway) to correct the problem.

Another potential cause of this problem occurs when a network card is installed in addition to the satellite receiver adapter. If not properly configured, the domain name resolution requests may occur over the network card instead of the satellite receiver adapter. One option would be to remove the network interface card and its drivers.  And then run the websetup utility found in the DIRECWAY folder on your Start Menu (Start>Programs>Direcway).  Advanced users may wish to use the route utility provided by Windows to manipulate the network routing tables. The route utility should only be used by experienced users as Internet access may be disabled if the route utility is used incorrectly.

Domain name resolution took a long time to complete

The domain name resolution of a well-known domain name such as www.direcway.com was successful, but the resolution time took an abnormally long time to complete. This typically occurs when the optimum DNS server address is not the first entry in the Windows Networking DNS server search order. The first entry in the DNS server search order should be the DNS server address supplied by your ISP. If multiple DNS server addresses are configured, changing the order of the DNS server addresses may improve the domain name resolution time.